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Sadly, we have heard of two more of our members passing away, namely Ted Boakes and Tim Kendrick. I have included the obituary for Ted from his family with their blessing. I will include Tim Kendrick’s obituary in the next edition as I do not want Squadron News to just contain news of our comrades passing. Hopefully, it will be viewed with interest and feeling that we were so glad to have been a small part of their life. It never ceases to amaze me, that is only when somebody passes away that you realize what an interesting and useful life they have led.

If you have not taken the time to try and play the three recordings of our March ‘We Defy’ that is shown on the bottom of this page you, then I would suggest you try it. I particularly like the one that is the recording of Her Majesty’s Band of the Royal Marines and think it may be the way the drums emphasize the music. But of course, is only my personal view.

It is becoming obvious that the Squadron News cannot continue indefinitely and a decision has to be made as to whether the decrease the number of pages but still publish three times a year, or reduce it to a by annual publication and tried to keep the same number of pages. I think the latter option is the best because of postage and publication costs. This bearing in mind that with our reducing membership, coupled with the fact some still do not pay their subscriptions, begins to be a drain on our resources.

Geoff Faulkner
Squadron Secretary

Please see below our sound tracks of our March.. (please be patient as files may take a while to start playing on your computer.)

Click on the play button to listen.

We Defy 

Yeovil Town Band playing our march, “We-Defy”

Central Band of the RAF, “We-Defy”

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