Welcome to 264 Squadron Association Website

Once more I welcome you to our Squadron website and remind you that we are now over halfway through our 19th year and are desperately hoping to reach our 20th.

The number of enquiries from abroad has not been so extensive this year, but nevertheless, I do receive some enquiries about ex-service members of our Squadron, mainly concerning World War II and their part in it. I think we can proudly state that we have managed to get at least a couple of  Légion d’honneur medals for some of our members, but sadly I doubt there will be anymore.

We are greatly indebted to Mrs. Louise Godber for her invaluable work in publishing our Squadron News on the website, especially as she has a full-time job and many other interests and would really like to hand it over to someone else, any offers?

I have now eventually managed to bring all the Squadron News editions to a central point and am now able to produce a CD/DVD/SD with all of them on it. It was a very time-consuming exercise, but nevertheless, it has preserved all the information we have gleaned over the last 20 years. Should anyone like a copy, then I will produce it, but there will be some costs involved dependent on data storage required.

I would add that if for any reason we can’t publish the latest Squadron News, if you would like further information, then use the contact page and I will reply to you.

Geoff Faulkner

Squadron Assn Secretary

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