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Welcome to our Squadron Website, we are now in our 17th year and as stated previously, we have a lot  to be proud of since our re-forming in 2000. All this was listed on our website last month.

We continue to have a number of people with enquiries searching for information on ex-members from family members which is often very frustrating, as we haven’t any official access to records, and it often boils down to peoples memories.

I haven’t had any reports on any major health issues but must say that following my third  throat operation and the side effects it has had on my eyes, I am keeping my fingers crossed that it can be sorted out, as I fear I may lose my driving licencse if not.

Our Reunion this year was centered on Brooklands Museum and although we were beset with sickness,  nevertheless we had 17 stalwarts who attended.  It was very succesful despite the numbers and we all enjoyed a super day at Brooklands Museum and once more the weather was more than kind as we basked in glorious sunshine.

Ken Heaney did a magnificent job with the camera, as you can see in the latest Squadron News atached and I have to thank all those who contributed to our lovely presentation, flowers for Joan and a lovely engraved RAF whiskey glass for me together with a M & S token and a book on the Battle of Britain which evryone wrote lovely comments in, thank you all so much, it is something I shall treasure.

Although we had decided to discontinue the reunions, we have now had second thoughts  and wonder if  gathering at the Union Jack Club in London is a viable proposal for next year. The venue is very comfortable and certainly cheap for London prices,  but before we procede,  I need to know who is interested.


Geoff Faulkner

Squadron Assn Secretary


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