Welcome to 264 Squadron Association Website

Welcome to our Squadron Website, we are now in our 17th year and still going, although sadly not as strongly as I would like because of age, but still hanging on in there.ss, please let me know and I will send you a copy of their addresses.

I have attached a questionnaire with this edition of the Squadron News and would ask that you help me in replying to it. On it depends the future of reunions and a chance to meet your comrades.

Could I ask once more, have any of you out there got photos or articles that I can include in either the Squadron News or our History for future generations? I promise any valued items would be returned safely. I guess because of advancing years, this might be our last chance.

I still receive more enquiries from abroad about people who served on 264 Squadron and indeed have had even more enquiries from Canada for someone regarding some ex members. Indeed, I have now learnt there was a French Candian Air Gunner, which was news to me, but a very welcome addition to our records.

A very important bit of advanced news. Some of us were honoured to know Eric Barwell DFC*, AE, RAF. Well two of our associate American members, namely Lt. Col. Jerry Martin and Commander M Woodruff, Have written a book about him. As it has been difficult up to now to get it published. They, together with Eric’s family, have graciously given consent for it to be serialised in the Squadron News. I would emphasise though, it is copyright and can’t be reproduced. I hope that I might get some publisher interested.

Geoff Faulkner
Squadron Assn Secretary



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