Welcome to 264 Squadron Association Website

Welcome to our Squadron Website, we are now in our 19th year and as stated previously, we have a lot to be proud of since our re-forming in 2000. All this is listed on our website.

We continue to have a number of people with inquiries searching for information on ex-members from their family members which is often very frustrating, as we haven’t any official access to records, and it often boils down to people’s memories, but we sometimes are lucky.

We continue to be beset with health problems but I guess that’s to be expected at our age. But hopefully, we live by our Squadron Motto, “We-Defy” We decided to discontinue the reunions as none of us can be sure if we could face the hassle and the journey anymore.

We have a good article in the Air Mail (published in May 2018 newsletter) and I am hopeful it may bring some new members.

We are pleased to say that our Squadron website continues to bring old comrades together.

I would add that if for any reason we can’t publish the latest Squadron News, if you would like further information, then use the contact page and I will reply to you.

Geoff Faulkner

Squadron Assn Secretary

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