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As we are in the 16th Year since our re-formation, and despite age and infirmity that is affecting us, the association is in relatively good form, (although creaking a bit!). We still have 60 or so members. And these include pilots, navigators and ground crew from both the Second World War and Cold War period plus some valuable close relations of our comrades.

It is worth just recapping what we have achieved over these last 16 years. Firstly we started an Association that has re-united members of our squadron over quite a span of years, it has made new friendships and re-kindled old ones, it has a 264 Squadron Memorial Tree planted to commemorate all those who served on our illustrious squadron at the National Arboretum, it has this super website designed and kept regularly up to date by www.catswebdesign.co.uk, We have a regular newsletter that is well received., We have managed to have successful reunions every year that has been well attended and now we have our own March, “We-Defy” composed by Adam Glynn ,  and not only have we had it played by a super band, The Yeovil Town Band, but now have had it arranged for Military band by WO Ivan Hutchinson for none less than Her majesty’s Band of the Royal Marines!  so I think we have every reason to be proud of our achievements to date.

This year’s reunion, (our 16th) will be held on the 4th and 5th June at the Best Western The Ship Hotel, Weybridge, the focus of this weekend being on the Brooklands Air Museum. It will follow our usual pattern of meeting on the Saturday for a relaxing and “catching–up” on news, meeting old friends and making new ones, followed by informal dining. The following day (Sunday) and for those who want to, we will make our way to Brooklands for a visit to their Air Museum. Following this we will return to the hotel, for the official Squadron Dinner that evening. Sadly though, this will be our last Reunion (unless we find someone to take it on), as age, sickness and distance are taking their toll.

We have still managed to keep up a steady flow of Squadron Newsletters with, we hope interesting stories and data, which we are still told are the envy of many of the remaining Service Associations.
This website contains many of our previous newsletters which are available for downloading, together with three individual Squadron Histories and photographs covering our whole history.
We have now managed to produce all our previous newsletters in pdf form that can be downloaded on request.

So we now enter our 16th year in hope for the future.

Geoff Faulkner
Squadron Secretary


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