Welcome to 264 Squadron Association Website

Welcome to our Squadron Website, we are now well into our 17th year and still going, well not strongly because of age, but hanging on.

Health, or lack of it, seems to dominate any Squadron News lately, but most are still fighting on but If anyone feels they would like to contact ex-comrades and hasn’t their address, please let me know and I will send you a copy of their addresses.

Sadly we have taken the decision because of lack of interest either through distance, age and/or infirmity that we would not hold another reunion.

Before it’s all too late, have any of you out there got photos or articles that I can include in either the Squadron News or our History for future generations?  I promise any valued items would be returned safely.  I guess because of advancing years, this might be our last chance.

I still receive inquiries from abroad about people who served on 264 Squadron and indeed have been in correspondence with someone in Canada over an old comrade. They are doing an article for a Canadian Air Force Magazine and have been promised an article for the January edition so our name still lives on!

Geoff Faulkner

Squadron Assn Secretary



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